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the visually impaired describing an elephant

There is this ancient parable about six blind men trying to describe an elephant.  As they each touched a different part of the elephant they experienced different things and began to quarrel amongst themselves.  The town’s wise man intervened,  “each was partly in the right and all were in the wrong ''.  This blog reflects the different author’s individual discoveries about the  Unseen.  Accepting that we are all wrong but knowing that each one has a unique angle of experience of the Indescribable. Since we know that we are attempting to describe Love, our highest calling is to give each other loving space to be wrong. We would invite you on this journey with us.


Did Jesus "have love"?

I have realised lately that love is like a bicycle. When it stands in the garage, it is a beautiful thing - full of promise and...

Unapologetically HERE

Many years ago, right at the beginning of my public ministry, shortly after we woke up to the indwelling of the Holy Spirit (also called...

Meditation on Two Psalms

For a number of years now I have been enormously encouraged by the messages contained in Psalms 23 and 84. There are so many respects in...

The Great Unification

we ultimately learn that other people, in all their glorious weirdness, may be all critical parts in the even greater kaleidoscope


I am worthy of God's grace, therefore I can do the impossible and be happy, where most people around me are miserable,

A glimpse through the veil

I wrote this reflection on the 6th of February 2020. Our dear friend, Anne Gordon reached a place in her suffering where a window opened...


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