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I am a semi-retired medical doctor and I celebrate a long and fulfilling marriage with my wife and sojourner on this spiritual journey, Linda. We have a family of nine including in-law children and grandchildren.

My mother tongue is Afrikaans and I love the sunny skies and rainbow diversity of South Africa.

I used to pastor a Vineyard Christian Fellowship for sixteen years and I am very familiar with the pain of the religious treadmill. After many years in the religious desert, I found a spiritual home in contemplation.

I am a recovering perfectionist, workaholic, reformer and religious performer.

I love to meditate, using mainly the Centering Prayer method, write poems and other things and am learning that this moment is everything.

I love the sea and nature, red wine, dogs and all kinds of people although I am essentially an introvert.

I describe myself as an Incarnational Mystic.

I see this life and everything in it as the incarnation of the Unseen who had made love visible by creating a universe where unconditional, sacrificial other-centeredness is the pathway to enlightenment.

I seek to love all people and all things and every moment in this life and through doing that, love its Creator.

Stephan Vosloo


I look at life from both sides now, and still ...

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