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Rock Maze

What to expect

We created the site mainly to find expression for our diversity in a safe space where there will not be judgment or criticism. We don't aim to please the masses, or garner support for any tradition or viewpoint, we are just visually impaired people trying to describe something so vast that each of us can only have very limited insight.

Some of the contributions will definitely be controversial but we don’t plan to please everybody. We plan to provide a safe space for different people from different backgrounds  to express their unique experience of the Divine in language familiar to them. Each spiritual tradition has its own words to describe the Indescribable, so there may be words and terms that may even offend people from a different tradition. We want the experience for contributors and readers to be as open and wide as possible.

We aim to connect with a seeking demographic - seekers who are willing to lay down preconceived ideas and in love create space for others to be different without holding back on their own contribution.

We suggest that every contributor or commentator take note of the following:

Every author knows only in part, no matter how far he or she has progressed on their own spiritual path.

We are all visually impaired when describing the Indescribable.

We want to utilise this space to freely describe our own unique experience that

should be safely anchored in the agony and ecstasy of this life.

We are happy to not have the answers and to allow the questions to be our teachers.

Love is the only universal language.

Anything that goes beyond love and moves into opposition and controversy will be lovingly edited. 

Because the conversation can never be bigger than the sum total of all the contributions, we felt that anyone who comes into this space, needs to know something about the contributors. We will update this information for every contributor when they post for the first time.

We plan to invite contributions from different angles and viewpoints to make this space as wide and open as possible without apologising, criticising or judging each other’s point of view.

This is going to be a journey of discovery with no specific destination and if you want to join us, we hope that we will get to know each other well and get to learn from one another in love.

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