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I am a daughter, a wife to an amazing supportive man that I love doing life with, a mother to two incredibly strong and caring children, and a mother-in-law to my daughter’s gentle soul mate and a nana to one gorgeously, entertaining and extremely funny grandson. I am a want-to-be nutritional therapist who lacks confidence in getting out there. These are some of the roles I play.

I think I have always been a secret mystic, contemplating life from such different angles that I often found I didn’t fit in. I learnt early to hold back my ideas for fear of judgement and ridicule and because of my inability to be real to me,

I have had a stormy relationship with the Divine, trying to jump through the hoops of organized religion, and my own insecurities hoping to find Divine love and presence. This left me empty and having no real sense that “God” whoever he/she is even existed. If it wasn't for the preparation that I went through when my dad passed on, I think I would have given up on God, but I had that experience, as much as I wanted to, I could not deny that God was there for me.

In 2019, I did get to a point where enough was enough! I told “God” that I believed in Him and I knew He was real, I could not deny that but He can stay out of my life. I would carry on with my life not expecting anything more from Him. If He wanted to intervene that was great but I wasn’t asking to be aware of His love anymore. I voiced my intention to Stephan on the 29 October and he told me that is exactly where God wanted me, on the 30 October I woke up that morning I knew that things were different. I had an acute awareness that love was present. This is the day my life changed.

I am intimately aware of the divine in the sacredness of everything and I am loving every moment of my life, seeking to be more awake and conscious to this life I have been blessed with.

Tracey Richardson

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