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Three Forms Of Prayer


Try going into prayer with the expressed desire to get nothing back. Ask God to deprive you of any feelings awakening in your body, spiritual senses, or mental stimulation. Ask not to receive any revelation during this prayer session. State to God that you would appreciate it if not a single drop of the Holy Spirit's power flows into your soul.

Ask not to have any of your needs met, not one. No physical, relational, or work demands and problems are essential. Your family, friends and loved ones stay outside. It is you and God. And you do not need, want, or seek anything. You are attempting to walk out of this prayer session with all your problems, all your fears and issues fully intact, completely unaddressed.

Now start to worship God.

You cannot use religious phrases, words, scriptures, songs, hymns or doctrines. Use only fresh words. Take it slow. Think carefully about every word you will say, and don't rush. Many words are not needed.

Before you speak out any word to God, make sure you mean it. Intend the words you pray.

Use only clean words. Clean words are purely about God; there is no hidden thing in them for you.

Recognise every beautiful and wonderful aspect of God. Talk out all that you know of God.

Do not think of any people, creatures, or things anywhere in the cosmos. Just think of God. The purest, most straightforward and intended descriptions and appreciation of God.

If you start to feel anything, ask God to stop it. It is not a time for receiving. You are trying to give to God sovereignly. God alone will be blessed. It is only about God.

Try to give God totally undiluted worship. Add nothing for yourself or anyone or anything else.

If your mind drifts, or if you notice that you are starting to get that spiritual focus between your eyes, stop, open your eyes, and release all such activities. Remind God that you are serious about not getting anything out of this prayer session. Keep disrupting all feedback resulting from your giving. Try to return to pure giving and continue resisting and emptying any such feedback.

Think of God in new ways. Use nature around you as a source of symbols to attribute to God. If you start to feel your heart enlarges and glow, stop, shake it off and ask God not to give you anything.

You can sit, stand, or lie down, but do not get distracted. Give God all your attention. Turn yourself entirely inside out and lose all self-awareness. Become utterly naked in attitude.

See how long you can keep this up. Beware of silence. Silence is an attitude of receiving, and this exercise is only about giving. Speak slowly, quietly and without any greatness or sense of achievement. Let your ego go. You do not have to lose any sense of time or the reality around you. Try to keep it all undisturbed. Nothing needs to change. Worshipping God as God is, is all that matters.

Start doing this regularly, increasing the time you do this gradually as you get used to nothing at all mattering but God and God alone.

End the prayer by asking God to remove anything He gave or accidentally dropped on or into you from God's being.


Interchange this form of prayer with the prayer of just pure longing. This is a simple prayer where you sit quietly and long for God. Nothing else. Longing prayer is a time where you determine only to receive God alone. Nothing else. You allow God to give God to you. The aim is not to get stuff, deeds, interventions, or intercession, just God and God alone. Just sit and wait with desire. Keep silent. Let your heart long. Seek to taste, smell, and open all your senses to receive God. Think of new ways to extend your being to God.

Between the time of pure and absolute giving of worship and the prayer of complete longing for God alone, you may find that a correlation develops. But maybe it does not. It is not essential.


When you need to pray for people, situations or ask God to intervene in a particular problem, try to stand up straight in the middle of a secluded place. Imagine all the stars, planets and galaxies above you, open your perception to become aware of all the cosmos. Reach out to them all. Stand in context to all this hardware above.

Allow your awareness to fill the sky above you, taking in all the clouds, birds and invisible critters floating about.

Next allow your awareness to drop further down to take in all of the earth’s surface, including all the animals, trees, grasses, shrubs, people, rivers, mountains and all things on earth.

Allow your holy imagination to drift into the earth, into the soil, the plant roots, the billions and billions of microbes, the minerals and rocks, right down to the core of the earth.

Reach out to everything around you. Be a created being along with all that was and is created.

Ask all of creation to now join you.

Pray to God from this place of unity with all God made. Let your request echo and resonate through all of creation, getting amplified by all towards God. Invoke all of creation into your prayer.

Now ask God, as though you are the delegated spokesperson of this universally agreed request.

We are not alone. We have many friends all around.

Sometimes I let myself go back in time and collect all the past ages to join in with the complete and full present moment to pray.

You can do this going into the future too.

Let all that was and is and is to come to join your request to God.

Draw on your fellow creation to lend you all their support. Feel your prayer echo into all the cosmos, throughout all time.

Include all the visible and invisible, the known and unknown, the understood and the strange.

Pray out of the joy that you are part of a vast creation, made, known and maintained by one God. Pray with a creation that is God said is good. Pray out of the Adamic position that God placed you in relation with the creation.

Think of the power, the beauty, the peacefulness, the fruitfulness, and unity all around you, vested in all God made, along with when God made you. See yourself living right now, at this very moment in space and time, part of a gigantic universe, full of life and pray with joy to a Father that knows how to give and overflow goodness and loving-kindnesses out of God’s enormous resource abundance still unspent inside of His own Being.

Finally, allow the Holy Spirit to flow and sound, groan, and voice the prayer through you.

Give thanks to all your friends that helped you and to our Creator for the gift of intercession and asking.

The purpose of this prayer is to stop narcissism, isolation, prayer loneliness and Satan’s divide and rule strategies. Praying like this stops selfishness. If your prayer is not good and agreeable to all then it is probably not a good prayer. By invoking all of creation to join you, you become rooted and accountable.

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1 Comment

Stephan Vosloo
Stephan Vosloo
Jul 24, 2022

I have never read it like this - first time to see a variety of prayer practiced like this with only one goal - to be as other-centered as possible. I think it will be a powerful practice - very much within reach of every practitioner who can silence the ego long enough. The silence will obviously grow with the practice and can become one of the most powerful tools in our worship-shed. This is a powerful way to fight the very sad religious inheritance where prayer is all about me and mine even though I may intersperse the words with "Ukraine". BUT it has to be practiced. Thank you for sharing your own practice wider.

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