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We do not do, we discover

We do not do contemplation.

We discover that contemplation is happening, has always been happening and we just participate.

We do not do loving.

We discover that love has been there forever and that it is a flow that is like the ocean. All we can do is to get into it.

We do not do compassion and mercy and grace.

We discover the deep ebb and flow of the ocean and find that compassion and mercy are merely waves - visible expressions of the ocean of love that surrounds us.

We don't do silence.

We realise that silence is the language that is real, the words spoken by the Universe and we learn to listen instead of talking.

We don’t try to live in the moment.

We realise that the moment is all that exists and all that is real and we just immerse ourselves in the glory of it.

We do not act.

We discover that action has always been ongoing and we are only invited to join in.

We do not do suffering.

We realise that suffering is an integral part of everything. That death is part of life, resurrection part of the flow. That suffering surrounds us like the ocean surrounds the water from the glass you empty into it.

We realise that the wave of compassion we feel, of loving, of contemplation, of suffering, of silence, of living in the moment, is just that: a wave on the surface of something so huge and unfathomable that we can just give ourselves over to it and stop idealising about future waves or analysing and comparing them with previous waves.

Like the ocean produces waves, so does the Universe produce its physical manifestations.

But we try to interact with the waves from the shoreline, compare the waves from our own reference points, enjoy the froth and bubble, the power of the waves, rate the waves as either good or bad depending on our reference points.

I have to learn how to immerse myself into the ocean, to become a part of the wave of revelation, or love, or silence. Here there are no reference points, no positions to judge from.

Here I am just flowing with the ocean, part of what has been since before time existed and what will always be when time disappears.

That is why I have to walk away from my ego, from my salvation, my fulfillment, my worship, my intercession, my contribution, my compassion, my love, my entitlement, my sadness, my suffering, my infilling with the Holy Spirit, my sonship, my gifts, my faith and immerse myself in what is much larger than me and just fulfill my role, just be who I was called to be.

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Lynie Nash
Lynie Nash

No reference, no positions to judge from... Just flowing... Beautiful! Thank you!


Joe de Swardt
Joe de Swardt

Oh wow. Just wow.

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