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It wasn’t too long ago I came to the realization that my life was destined to always be in transition. Being the visionary type, I would tend to see the “big picture,” find out where in that picture I fit and watch God make it happen. Tidy little package deal. Trouble is, God doesn’t do tidy. I discovered that he seems more interested in watching how I deal with the road blocks on the way there. It’s obvious that he’s in no hurry for me to arrive at any particular point that I may perceive as a goal. In fact, God doesn’t seem to be in a hurry about anything. Doesn’t he know that we live in urgent times? Of course, but he’s the time keeper, so that doesn’t move him. I can dance around the same obstacle for the next couple of years and he will not fret. If I’m still trying to figure it out during the economic collapse of the Western world while global warming turns Hawaii into a dust bowl and the Dodgers trample the Giants on their way to the World Series, I can be certain of one thing: God won’t be wringing his hands.

So I decided to get back at him. I’d figure out what I’m most suited for and do the opposite. Or I could become a rodeo clown, start smoking weed and spank other people’s children in public.

I can now rest in the understanding that none of the above matters. There’s no point of arrival. We’re already the righteousness of God in Christ and seated with him in heavenly places. But the only goal is always in process by the working of his Spirit within us. Becoming love in Him is the goal. It involves knowing Christ in the power of his resurrection and in the fellowship of his sufferings. The process keeps on as we grow to love the unlovely and even our enemies. And when we see him, we’ll be like him.

Notice how many time “I” and “me” appeared before these last two paragraphs? When the focus becomes Jesus and others, love is growing. How that happens is no longer the concern. The vision is the same as the goal: “They looked up and saw Jesus Only.” (Matthew 17:8)


David Frederickson

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